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Ministry Goals

Ministry Goals

Serving the Family:

To serve the family and local church as they train young

people to have a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

 (Deut 6:5-7)

Providing the Truth:

To the authoritative Word of God. (II Tim 2:15).

To provide the students the opportunity to confess Jesus as Savior and Lord. (Rom. 10:9)

Equipping the student;

To equip the student to evangelize and disciple others and to encourage involvement in ministry opportunities. (Matt 28:19-20)

To teach the student how to study God's Word.

(II Tim 2:15)

Modeling Jesus

To employ and develop mature Christian teachers and staff who minster to the students, families and each other by word and action (Luke 6:40)

Following the Bible Principle

To follow Biblical es in all that we do (II Chron 1:10).

                 To teach the student how to research and to reason logically from a Biblical perspective. (Heb 5:14)

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