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Fee Schedule 2023-24


We Accept 

 McKay....Step UP... Gardiner....AAA 


Basic tuition and fees 

1. Registration fee: $150

2. Tuition: K-12th grade $7,700

3. Book fees:    K-12th grade books: $600

4. Uniform Shirt: $100.00

5. Activity Fee: $950



support options available 

5. Testing/program oversite for students with IEP $550

6. Resource teaching:

Level one: additional classroom support: $1,500

Level two: additional classroom support and resource teaching

Level three: Classroom support/resource teaching or behavioral/social assistance to be determined by the administration. 


 *See master fee schedule for students with I.E.P.s*


We accept   McKay   Step UP   and Gardiner  Scholarships.

We also have parent involvement Scholarships available. See our 

School Director for information.

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